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Drishti-Soft Solutions Interview | Set 2 (On-Campus Written)

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This test consisted of two sections MCQ and PROGRAMMING.

The section MCQ had 30 questions and was supposed to be solved in 30 minutes.It included only quantitative aptitude questions.

The section PROGRAMMING had in total 4 questions was supposed to be solved in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The PROGRAMMING sections had three sub sections: FRESH CODING, API CODING and DEBUGGER.
1.The subsection FRESH CODING expects you to solve given problem and write you code.

program given was:


Input(a) is from 0<=a<=9999; Output should be alphabet from the series ,corresponding to the input.


input: a = 27
output: A

2.The subsection API CODING expects you to understand the given code and complete it.
Program was :from the given subset, find out the two subsets whose sum of elements are equal.

subset1:{4,2,1,1} and sum of elements is 8
subset2:{5,3} sum =8

3.The subsection DEBUGGER expects you to understand the given code and fix the bugs
Test was of three hours and was continuous.

HR explained about the online test and gave a pamplet that had the description of coding questions

Programming languages that could be used were C and JAVA

No negative marking was there.

There was no technical mcq question.

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Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2015
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