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  • Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2019


Hello friend I am RISHABH SINGH, I completed B-TECH (Computer Science And Engineering) and qualified GATE 2019 (Rank 10213) .

Recently I have given DRDO NSTL JRF interview in vishakhapatnam on 15th May 2019, I am going to tell you all about the interview.

First I get the notificationof jrf walk in interview and the last day was 3 May to mail the bio data.

I reached at the DRDO NSTL campus at 8:30( and the interview going to start at 9:00) they told us that first they take small written test of 1 hr. Of Mark 100 consisting of 25 questions pure technical.

Questions are based on programing, toc, os, boolean expression, postfix evaluation. Then they said result will out in 1 hr. Wait for the result, I got 14th position and then they said interview starts after 1 hr. We wait there, My chance came at 6 P.M they ask simple questions

1- Introduce yourself

2- What is your favorite subject? ( I said data structure, OS, algorithm)

3-What is OS( I give the answer but not complete ans so they guide me and complete my answer)

4-Functionality of round robin

5-What is context switching

6-What is kernel

7-Tell about your final year project

My overall interview was positive and they all are very supportive and very helpful and talk very nicely.



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