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Draw lines at the respective positions clicked by the mouse using Turtle

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2021

In this article, we will learn how to draw lines at any position which is clicked by the mouse using a turtle module.

Turtle graphics: 

  • turtle.listen(): Using this then we can give keyboard inputs
  • turtle.onscreenclick(func,1 or 3): This function is used to bind fun to a mouse-click event on canvas. 1 means left click and 3 means to right-click.
  • pen.goto(x coordinate , y coordinate): Moves the turtle from the current position to the location x, y along the shortest linear path between the two locations (i.e. a direct line between the current position and (x,y))
  • pen.color( colour ): This method is used to change the color of the turtle
  • pen.shape(shape): This method is used to give the shape to the turtle
  • head.penup: Picks the pen up so the turtle does not draw a line as it moves
  • head.hideturtle: This method is used to make the turtle invisible. It’s a good idea to do this while you’re in the middle of a complicated drawing because hiding the turtle speeds up the drawing observably. This method does not require any argument.
  • head.clear: This function is used to delete the turtle’s drawings from the screen
  • head.write: This function is used to write text at the current turtle position.


  • Import the turtle modules.
  • Define two instances for the turtle pen and head.
  • Head is to tell currently at which coordinate mouse is clicked.
  • Give shape and color to the instance
  • Define the function btnclick which takes two parameters x and y coordinates, now use the function goto() inside this function to take the turtle to x and y coordinates passed in the parameter.
  • Use onscreenclick to bind btnclick function with the mouse click on the screen.
  • Use function listens to perform the above specified task.

Below is the Python implementation of the above approach:


# python program
# import for turtle module
import turtle
# defining instance of turtle
head.goto(0, 260)
head.write("This is to display the coordinates of the position where mouse is clicked",
           align = "center"
           font = ("courier", 12, "normal"))
# giving circle shape to pen i.e. instance of turtle
# giving colour to turtle
# define function to make the turtle move 
# to the position which is clicked by the mouse
def btnclick(x, y):
    pen.goto(x, y)
    head.write(f"x coordinate = {x}, y coordinate = {y}",
               align = "center", font = ("courier", 24, "normal"))
# this function will call btnclick whenever mouse is clicked    
turtle.onscreenclick(btnclick, 1)


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