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Draw a sun using arcade library Python

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2020

You might have drawn Sun using famous Python module like turtle but here we discuss how the same approach can be achieved using arcade module. The Arcade library is a modern Python Module used widely for developing 2D video games with compelling graphics and sound. Arcade is an object-oriented library. It can be installed like any other Python Package.


To install this module, just simply run the following command on your command prompt:

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pip install arcade


The following steps illustrate how to create a basic drawing using arcade module:

  • Import module.
  • Specify the parameters for your output screen like width, height, etc.
  • Open the window using the inbuilt open_window() in arcade. This command opens a window with a given size i.e width and height along with screen title.
  • Set a background color (optional). It can be done using set_background_color() method built into arcade
  • Tell your module to start drawing using start_render() command which is again built into arcade.
  • Start designing, you can use functions already available with arcade to do so.
  • Tell arcade module that you have completed the drawing using finish_render().
  • Run your code using run().


# import module
import arcade
# set parameters 
Width= 700
# open window
arcade.open_window(Width, Height, Title)
# Set the background color
# Get ready to draw
# Draw a sun
arcade.draw_circle_filled(500, 550, 40, arcade.color.YELLOW)
# Rays to the left, right, up, and down
arcade.draw_line(500, 550, 400, 550, arcade.color.YELLOW, 3)
arcade.draw_line(500, 550, 600, 550, arcade.color.YELLOW, 3)
arcade.draw_line(500, 550, 500, 450, arcade.color.YELLOW, 3)
arcade.draw_line(500, 550, 500, 650, arcade.color.YELLOW, 3)
# Diagonal ray
arcade.draw_line(500, 550, 550, 600, arcade.color.YELLOW, 3)
arcade.draw_line(500, 550, 550, 500, arcade.color.YELLOW, 3)
arcade.draw_line(500, 550, 450, 600, arcade.color.YELLOW, 3)
arcade.draw_line(500, 550, 450, 500, arcade.color.YELLOW, 3)
# Finish drawing
# Keep the window up until someone closes it.


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