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Draw a Smiley in Java Applet

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Given task is to draw a smiley face in Java Applet.

  1. Create three Ovals, one for the face, two for the eyes.
  2. Fill eyes oval with black color.
  3. Create an arc for the smile in the face.

Below is the implementation of the above approach:
Applet Program:


// Java program to Draw a
// Smiley using Java Applet
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
/*<applet code ="Smiley" width=600 height=600>
public class Smiley extends Applet {
    public void paint(Graphics g)
        // Oval for face outline
        g.drawOval(80, 70, 150, 150);
        // Ovals for eyes
        // with black color filled
        g.fillOval(120, 120, 15, 15);
        g.fillOval(170, 120, 15, 15);
        // Arc for the smile
        g.drawArc(130, 180, 50, 20, 180, 180);


Note: To run the applet in command line use the following commands 

> javac
> appletviewer

You can also refer to run applet program .

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Last Updated : 11 Mar, 2022
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