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Draw a Quantile-Quantile Plot in R Programming – qqline() Function
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2020

The Quantile-Quantile Plot or (Q-Q Plot) is defined as a value of two variables that are plotted corresponding to each other and check whether the distributions of two variables are similar or not with respect to the locations. qqline() function in R Language is used to draw a Q-Q Line Plot.

Syntax: qqline(x, y, col)

x, y: X and Y coordinates of plot
col: It defines color

Returns: A QQ Line plot of the coordinates provided

Example 1: Implementation of Basic QQplot Interpretation

# Set seed for reproducibility
# Create random normally distributed values
x <- rnorm(1200)
# QQplot of normally distributed values
# Add qqline to plot
qqline(x, col = "darkgreen")


Above is a representation of QQplot of Normally Distributed Random Numbers.

Example 2: Implementation of QQplot of Logistically Distributed Values

# Set seed for reproducibility
# Random values according to logistic distribution
# QQplot of logistic distribution
y <- rlogis(800)  
# QQplot of normally distributed values
# Add qqline to plot
qqline(y, col = "darkgreen")


Above is the Q-Q Plot of theoretical quantiles.

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