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Dracnmap – Information Gathering and Network Exploitation Tool

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  • Last Updated : 24 Oct, 2021
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Dracnmap tool is an automated tool that aims to perform network exploitation and information gathering on the target host or network. This tool collects information like host status (whether the host is up or down), open port details, MAC Address details, Firewall Information, Traceroute results, and many more. Dracnmap tool is developed in the Shell Script and available on the GitHub platform. Dracnmap tool is open source and free to use, so you can also contribute to it.

Installation of Dracnmap Tool on Kali Linux OS

Step 1: Use the following command to install the tool in your Kali Linux operating system.

git clone

Step 2: Now use the following command to move into the directory of the tool. You have to move in the directory in order to run the tool.

cd Dracnmap

Step 3: Change the permissions of the file by using the following command.

sudo chmod +x

Step 4: Run the below command to verify the installation.

sudo ./

Working with Dracnmap Tool on Kali Linux OS

Example 1: Regular Scan

Select Option 1

We have given the IP address of target domain

We have got the results of our Regular Scan.

Example 2: Nmap Script Engine – Advanced

Select Option 8

We have selected Option 5 for fuzzer-category.

We have selected Option1 for File dns-fuzz.

We have got the results.

Example 3: Find out if a host is a protected firewall

Select Option 4

We have got the results of our scan.

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