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Dolat Capital Interview experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2015

It was an on-campus interview. Total 140 students applied for this job and 3 students got the offer letter.

There were 4 rounds

Round 1: Coding
We were given three programs to be completed in 2 program was difficult and two others were very simple.each program had different weightage
Program 1 (highest weightage)
Insert & delete a integer value in a linked list from either end.i.e insertion and deletion should be from one end only.also find the maximum value in the linked list at any point.
all the operations on this ADT needs to be done in constant time complexity.
Program 2(medium weightage)
I dont remember the question, refer code at the end of this article.
program 3(least weightage).
It was to write a code for quicksort.

Round 2: Apitude: quants and C input output
It was a pen and paper round.
There were 20 C input output questions and 10 aptitude questions and there was a negative marking.
due to negative marking,questions were tough as options were very close like,
a) program gives warning and gives output ….
b) compile time error
c) runtime error
d) executes with output …..

Quants questions were a very easy with just some complex calculations is some cases.
i guess total time was 40 mins for this test but it was sufficient to solve all the questions.

After some days total 11 students were shortlisted for the interview.

Round 3:interview
Basic questions yet tricky on C. like static, global,extern, diff between static global and global.
some code was given where variable was used before definition how to fix it.
ans:use extern to declare the variable and compiler will find the definition afterwards

A puzzle was asked ,where a silver rod of 7 units to be broken in 3 parts to pay a employee a wage who is going to work for 7 days.
Being a very small set of solutions i was able to do bruteforce and some logical thinking and came up with answer quickly.

Afterwards interviewer asked on memory leak and some complicated cases where a memory leak can happen.

Round 4: Interview 2
After 1st interview 5 students were shortlisted for 2nd interview round.
it was a very short interview of 10 mins where 2 questions were asked each given 5 minutes to solve.

Question 1: Find the intersection point in 2 linked list.

I was asked some question on vegetable vendor and fake note,i gave correct answer but interviewer re explained the problem but unfortunately i was not able to understand the problem 2nd time too and by that time 10 mins were over.
and on next day i got selected and got offer letter in 3 days

Overall a good experience hope this article will help others.

time complexity :O(n)
space complexity:O(1)
input size is not considered for computing space complexity
int main()
    int array_size;
    printf("enter the array size : ");
    int *array=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int)*array_size);
    int iteration=0;
    printf("enter the array elements \n");
    for(; iteration<array_size; iteration++)
    printf("%d  ",array[iteration]);
    int ptr=0;
    int max_sum=0;
    int i=1,current_sum=0;
        printf("\n sorted sub elements : ");
            printf("%d ",array[ptr]);
        printf("%d ",array[ptr]);
        printf(",sum : %d ",current_sum);
    printf("\n max sum from all sorted sub array is: %d\n",max_sum);
    free(array);//although is not required to free the data since program exits
               // and there is no problem of memory leak,but a good practice to free data
    return 0;
xxxxxx@ubuntu:~$ ./a.out
enter the array size : 10
enter the array elements
1 2 3 4 2 7 1 4 2 5
 sorted sub elements : 1 2 3 4 ,sum : 10
 sorted sub elements : 2 7 ,sum : 9
 sorted sub elements : 1 4 ,sum : 5
 sorted sub elements : 2 5 ,sum : 7
 max sum from all sorted sub array is: 10

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