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Water Distribution on Earth

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Water Distribution on Earth: Our earth resembles a vivarium. The equivalent water that existed many years past still exists nowadays. The main sources of water are the waterways, ponds,  springs, and icy lots. The ocean bodies and the oceans contain pungent water. The water of the seas is pungent or saline because it contains monumental lives of disintegrated salts. The distribution of water on earth helps to know about the amount of water present in various resources.

Distribution of Water and Land on Earth

All plants and creatures ought to have water to urge by. Assumptive there was no water there would be no life on the earth. Three-fourths of the world’s surface is water and therefore the rest is land. Water is important for endurance. seventy-one of the world includes water, henceforward earth is in addition known as the blue planet. Out of this seventy-one nothing, ninety-seven water is in seas and oceans, staying three which there’s the fresh in styles of lakes, and streams.

  • Water bodies in rate, Oceans: 97.3
  • Ice covers: 02.0
  • Groundwater: 0.68
  • New Water Freshwater lakes: 0.009
  • Inland oceans and Salt lakes: 0.009
  • Environment: 0.0019
  • Waterways: 0.0001

“The appropriation of water on the Earth’s surface is incredibly lopsided. Just 3% of the water on a superficial level is new; the leftover 97% lives in the sea. Of freshwater, 69% lives in ice sheets, 30% underground, and under 1% is situated in lakes, waterways, and marshes.”

What is the Percentage of Water on Earth?


Water Distribution in India

The surface of earth is covered with 71 percent of water and the remaining portion of the earth with 29 percent is land. The majority of water on surface of earth is saline water in the oceans and the freshwater resources which include water falling in the form of rainfall and moving in the form of streams, rivers, groundwater and lakes, which provide for people the water they need for survival.

Types of Water on Earth

The types of water on Earth include the following:

Surface Water

Surface water can be found mostly in lakes and streams and is utilised in drinking water, irrigation, industry as well as hydroelectricity.

Salt Water

Salt water is found abundantly and it is not suitable when comes to drinkable supplies of water and many people diet across the globe include saltwater fish.

Ground Water

Groundwater is found abundantly in the freshwater resources and some of the water which filters down into ground would include layers of soil, clay, and rocks to the plants. Groundwater tends to feed surface water with the help of springs.

Wastewater Treatment

The availability of water on the surface of earth for drinking is not abundant in amount and hence it is important to save water and also for reusing it. There are three major steps for wastewater treatment:

  1. Initial, unclean water is sent through machine, which includes filters and debris cut down to small pieces and is disposed of in landfill.
  2. Residual water is then send to the underground tank and tiny bacterias are fed on waste in water.
  3. Finally, water is send to oceans, lakes and rivers or to the final cleaning stage before being used for irrigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is water distribution on Earth?

Only 3 percent of water is fresh and the remaining resides 97% in oceans.

What is called distribution of water?

Water distribution system refers to a part of supply ofwater network with components which carry potable water from a centralised system to other residential and other uses.

What is the importance of distribution of water on Earth?

The importance of distribution of water on earth tells us about the amount of water in various resources.

What are the 3 main sources of water?

The 3 main sources of water would include groundwater, surface water and rainwater.

What is the largest supply of water on earth?

The largest supply of water on earth would include oceans and seas.

Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2023
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