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Distinguish between Totem Pole and Open collector
  • Last Updated : 10 May, 2020

1. Totem Pole :
Totem pole consists of pull up and pull down transistors along with the diode resistor.Totem pole operates at high speed. The two transistors used drives a high output and another pulls it down in an Integrated circuit.

2. Open collector :
In case of open collector we only have pull down transistor and it operates at slow speed. Open collector behaves like a switch in which it is either connected or disconnected in an Integrated circuit.

Difference between of Totem Pole and Open Collector :

Totem Pole Open Collector
Output stage of totem pole circuit consists of pull-up transistor, diode resistor and a pull down transistor. Output stage of Open collector consists of only pull down transistor.
Outputs of the two gates cannot be tied up together output of two gates can be tied together using a wired AND method.
Operating speed of totem pole circuit is high as compared to open collector Operating speed is low for open collector
External pull up resistor is not required in case of totem pole External pull up resistor is required for proper operation of gate in open collectors
Due to the presence of pull up transistor, power dissipation is low in totem pole circuits In cae of open collector, power dissipation is high due to the current flowing trough the extra resistors.

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