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Distinguish between Agro-based and Mineral based Industries

Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2023
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Agro-based industries refer to those industries which provide employment in rural areas, but mineral-based industries are those industries that provide employment both in rural as well as urban areas. Agro-based industries are mostly involved in the production of consumer goods, which includes sugar, jute, textile, etc. The mineral-based industries include both consumer and also value-based goods like shipbuilding, iron, steel, etc.

Enterprises might be agro-based, mineral-based, marine-based, and wood put together depending respect to the kind of natural substances they use.  Agro-based enterprises use plant and creature-based items as their unrefined substances. Mineral-based enterprises are those businesses that utilize mineral metals as their unrefined substances. It is likewise viewed as a wellspring of work for individuals in both provincial and metropolitan populations. 

Agro-based vs Mineral-based industries

Agro-based vs Mineral-based industries

Agro-based industries

Agro-based enterprises use plant and creature-based items as their unrefined components. Food handling, vegetable oil, cotton material, dairy items, and calfskin enterprises are instances of agro-based businesses. The agro-based industry incorporates businesses like materials, vegetable oil, and sugar, paper. These enterprises by and large utilize rural items as their natural substances. The material business is the biggest business in the area.

Features of Agro-based Industries 

Agro-Based enterprises overall are those ventures that have immediate or roundabout connections with horticulture. It covers an assortment of modern, assembling, and handling exercises in light of rural unrefined substances as well as exercises and administrations that go as contributions to horticulture.

  • Helps in the upliftment of the provincial economy.
  • Legitimate usage and accomplishing the capability of the rustic economy area, where a lot of natural substances are accessible.
  • Give country populaces a chance for business.
  • Produce pay and in this way work on the monetary state of individuals – which thusly drives the potential for interest-based enterprises.
  • Give an open door to the dispersal of enterprises as opposed to gathering at a specific spot.
  • Tackle the issue of double-dealing of the cultivating local area by brokers and agents.
  • Ranchers could be guaranteed better costs for their produce.
  • Support bringing an ever-increasing number of regions under different harvests – increment rural creation and work on the country’s economy.
  • The transportation cost of farming items can be limited – subsequently assisting with limiting the expense of completed merchandise.
  • Keep away from wastage of transient agrarian items.
  • Help to foster in reverse regions in view of their appropriateness for setting up agro-businesses.
  • Keep movement of individuals from rustic to metropolitan regions.
  • To support adjusted development among horticulture and industry. 

Mineral-based industries

Mineral-based ventures are essential businesses that utilize mineral metals as their raw materials. The results of these ventures feed different enterprises. Iron produced using iron ore is the result of a mineral-based industry. This is utilized as a natural substance for the manufacture of various different items, like large equipment, building materials, and rail route mentors.

A portion of the Mineral Based Industry

  • Iron and Steel Industry: Iron and steel are fundamental industries and are expressed as the foundation of the industrial development of any country.
  • Copper Smelting Industry: Indian Copper Corporation (ICC) was made with a fixation plant and smelter which produced copper at Ghatsila in Jharkhand
  • Aluminum Industry: Aluminum creation is at Alupuram Reduction Works of the Indian Aluminium Company in the underlying stages. Afterward, it was changed over into a public area organization
  • Concrete Industry: Concrete, a significant framework industry, is one of the most developed businesses in the whole country.

Importance of Mineral based industries

Mineral-based ventures are similarly influential for a nation’s economy. Mineral-put-together organizations depend on respect to minerals like iron, copper, zinc, and lead. These are the weighty enterprises that add to the country’s foundation development and improvement.

Mineral-based endeavors are those that require minerals as natural substances in their assembling. For example, the iron and steel industry is the establishment whereupon any remaining businesses are fabricated. Steel results and utilization per capita are marks of a country’s financial advancement.

Differentiate Between the Agro-Based Industry and the Mineral – Based Industry

Agro Based Industries

Mineral Based Industries

Agro-based enterprises use plant and creature-based items as their unrefined substances

Mineral-based businesses are those enterprises that utilization mineral metals as their unrefined substances

These enterprises are the wellspring of work in the provincial regions

These enterprises are the source of employment in both country and urban areas

Food handling, vegetable oil, cotton textiles, dairy items, and leather industries

Steel and iron enterprises and heavy machinery ventures are models of mineral-based businesses

Assets types utilized for Raw Materials – utilize creature and plant-based items for unrefined components

Assets types utilized for Raw Materials – utilize mineral metals for their natural substances.

Instances of items – items can incorporate heartbeats (food sources), milk (dairy), garments (material), and so on.

Instances of items – items can incorporate – vehicles, steel, and so on.

Capital necessity – utilize lesser capital.

Capital necessity – utilize lesser capital.

Wellspring of Employment – generally gives work to individuals from provincial locales.

Wellspring of Employment – give work to both country and metropolitan locales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is the difference between agro-based industries and mineral-based industries?


The difference between agro-based industries and mineral-based minerals is that agro-based industries are the ones that use agricultural products as raw materials, like cotton mills. Mineral based industries are the ones that use minerals as raw materials like the iron industry.

Q 2. What are agro-based industries?


Agro-based industries are those which use plants and animal products in the form of raw materials. Examples include processing, vegetable oil, cotton textiles, etc.

Q 3. Which is the mineral-based industry?


In India, mineral-based industry includes steel and iron industries, as well as other heavy machinery industries.

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