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dirs command in Linux with examples

  • Last Updated : 15 May, 2019

dirs command shell builtin is used to display the list of currently remembered directories. By default, it includes the directory you are currently in. A directory can get into the list via pushd command followed by the dir name and can be removed via popd command.


dirs [-clpv] [+N] [-N]

It is useful for easy and quick flow through the directories on the command line. Suppose you want to go to a directory, you can just use the command pushd dir-name and you will be redirected to that directory. Also, you can simply come back to previous by using command popd


  • c : Clears whole list of remembered directories.
  • l : Do not show the path of your home directory in your path-name of a directory.


    /home/vivek/Rocket -> ~/Rocket
  • p : Display one entry per line.
  • v : Display one entry per line prefixed with positional index starting with 0.


  • +N : Displays Nth entry from left.
  • -N : Displays Nth entry from right.


  • Basic Functioning:

  • pushd and popd:

  • Using Options:

  • Using Parameters:

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