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Directi Interview Experience | Set 15 (1st Round of On-Campus)

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Hi, I recently appeared for the 1st round of Directi’s recruitment process. Students were divided into 2 slots. The questions for the slots were as follows :

SLOT 1 :-

  1. Maximum Sized Rectangle in a binary Array
  2. Blueberry Cheese Cake: There is a school in a village. It has N classes. One fine day, someone donated B blue berry cheese cakes to schools. Now you need to divide these cakes such that:
    • Each class gets at least 1 cake.
    • Each class will share the cake(s) among students.
    • Your aim is to minimize the maximum number of students per cake in any class.
  3. Tree Updation

SLOT 2 :-

  1. Boggle
  2. Given a binary tree, such that each node contains a number. Find the maximum possible sum in going from one leaf node to another.
  3. Toffee Shop. Similar to Knapsack problem. You have a budget which you input as b. You are given an array of calories for each toffee and another array with associated cost for each toffee. Your goal is to maximize the calorie intake before the money doesn’t exceed the budget. Each toffee can be purchased only once.

I solved 2 questions and knew the algorithm correctly but missed some edge case, and simply received “wrong answer”. No consideration to partial test cases.
Overall a very difficult experience for us. Only 1 student cleared this round. He was able to solve only 1 question and that too because he had solved the question earlier. Mostly he was selected because he had a CGPA above 9.5.

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Last Updated : 31 May, 2019
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