Digital Certificate Creation

The steps required to create a digital certificate involves three parties first the end user, second the registration authority and third is certificate authority. The end user request for a digital certificate and the request goes to the registration authority(RA) which then assist the certificate authority(CA) to create the digital certificate. Registration authority act as a intermediate between end user and the certificate authority. It also assist in day to day task of certificate authority.

Services of Registration Authority:

  • Accepting and verifying the details of new user’s registration.
  • User key generation.
  • Backups and recovery of key.
  • Certificate cancellation.

Steps for Digital Certificate Creation:

  • Step-1: Key generation is done by either user or registration authority. The public key which is generated is sent to the registration authority and private key is kept secret by user.
  • Step-2: In the next step the registration authority registers the user.
  • Step-3: Next step is verification which is done by registration authority in which the user’s credentials are being verified by registration authority. It also checks that the user who send the public key have corresponding private key or not.
  • Step-4: In this step the details and sent to certificate authority by registration authority who creates the digital certificate and give it to users and also keeps a copy to itself.

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