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Differentiate between Seasonal Hunger and Chronic Hunger

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  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2022
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Not a general lack of food, but rather the lack of access to food, particularly nutritive food, is the key contributor to hunger. It takes more than just providing someone with adequate calories to end hunger. Hunger has two dimensions:

  • Seasonal hunger
  • Chronic hunger

What is Seasonal Hunger?

Seasonal hunger denotes undernourishment for a specific amount of time. It is the most severe type of hunger and occurs yearly in response to crises like dry seasons brought on by conflicts and natural disasters. 

People who are now experiencing continuous cravings are frequently affected. That applies to very nearly 8% of all hungry people. It includes mechanisms for gathering and formulating food.

This is common in rural areas based on reports of the informal perception of horticulture training and municipal areas as a conclusion of the simple job, such as the fact that there is less work for easy improvement work during the stormy season. When a person is unable to find work during the entire year, this form of hunger is prevalent.

What is Chronic Hunger?

The result of consistently insufficient diets in terms of quantity and/or quality is chronic hunger. People in poverty experience chronic hunger as a result of their extremely low income and inability to purchase even survival food. Malnutrition, which is caused by consuming fewer calories than necessary for an average, active life, is the main cause of chronic hunger.

Difference between Seasonal and Chronic Hunger


Seasonal Hunger

Chronic Hunger

1. Cycles of food production and harvesting are related to seasonal hunger.The result of consistently insufficient diets in terms of quantity and/or quality is chronic hunger.
2. This is common in urban regions due to casual labor and in rural areas due to the seasonal nature of agricultural activity.People in poverty experience chronic hunger as a result of their extremely low income, which makes it impossible for them to purchase even survival-level food.
3. It only happens at specific periods of the year in civilization or community.It happens when people lack the chance to make enough money to fund their education or develop the necessary skills to take care of their basic requirements.
4. This hunger is temporary.This hunger is permanent.
5. Its pattern is continuing year after year.Its pattern continues for a long time which can also lead to death.

FAQs on Seasonal and Chronic Hunger

Question 1: Define Seasonal hunger and write an example of it.


Seasonal hunger is caused due to the natural disasters and the conflicts that occurred and created a shortage of food items. This type of hunger is majorly occurring in rural areas.

Example: When it rains, there is less demand for temporary construction workers. When a person is unable to find consistent employment for a whole year, they experience this form of hunger.

Question 2: Define chronic hunger and write an example of it.


Chronic hunger occurs when the food items are of lack of quality and quantity of nutrients. People who are below poverty line faces this type of hunger. This hunger has permanent pattern that it can cause death also.

Example:  Chronic hunger occurs when someone cannot afford food, cannot eat, or refuses to eat for some other reason.

Question 3: Write the pattern of seasonal and chronic hunger.


Pattern of seasonal hunger is that it continues year after year and the pattern of chronic hunger continued itself for a long period of time that can cause death.

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