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Different Ways To Secure an eCommerce Store

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Are you worried about how you can keep your e-commerce customers safe? Any form of a data breach can quickly transform into a crisis. An eCommerce business may have to deal with fraud transactions- a process of chargeback that may affect the reputation of the company that may be unpleasant to them. Through a simple security audit, you can detect the threats. How to secure my eCommerce store, just get the real answer. Security is an important aspect of every online business. As per a report of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, approximately 50% of eCommerce like small businesses fall victim to any online security threat at some point in their business lifecycle. Different-Ways-To-Secure-an-eCommerce-Store The owners would surely like to know how to secure their e-commerce store safely? As per a recent report of Verizon investigation, around 71% of 855 data breaches have occurred with only eCommerce stores. Thus, store owners should seek some way to provide a secure environment for their customers while shopping. Data safety in an eCommerce or How to Secure an eCommerce store? Many stores have to even shut down their ventures due to these severe security breaches. So store owners need to protect their eCommerce store from security breaches. The impact of a data breach To help eCommerce and other online businesses to make them safe from online frauds, PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) – a global brand that includes MasterCard, Visa, and American Express has developed a set of best practices to safeguard customer’s data. Online retailers have to follow these compliances strictly, but still, in case of any fraud, you can’t even blame these guidelines. You should know the answer to how you can keep your eCommerce customers safe? You, being the store owner have to manage your security by yourself. There are many security risks associated with information security. How can you effectively manage & secure data? However, there are some preventive measures and steps that you can take to minimize the risk and protect you from these digital attacks. Here through this post, you can know what security breaches are and how to secure your eCommerce store? You can indeed protect yourself from them by downloading security software now. Now, it is not that difficult to manage the protection of your eCommerce online store. Here are some important parameters that can help you in protecting your customer data and make it safe. 1. Use AVS or Address Verification System Address Verification System or AVS is used to compare the numeric parts of the customer address that are stored in credit cards with that of stored in a file of the credit card company. AVS can also be used as a fraud tool in the payment processing solutions, so you should check with your payment processor whether it supports it or not. 2. Transaction Monitoring and Regular Reconciliation of Bank Accounts You are the only one who knows your business in the best way. You know your customers and their buying patterns If there is any inconsistent billing, wrong or doubtful shipping information of the physical information of your customer, then you can use the tool for IP address tracking of your customer and check the real or fake email addresses of the customers. You can say then that now, I can keep my eCommerce customers safe. 3. Follow Regular Security Updates and Patches For every business, timely and regular security patches and updates are of utmost importance. Hackers are usually happier in exploiting software vulnerabilities. By keeping all of your software updated, you can prevent the stealing of valuable customer data. Either for your Magneto, PrestaShop, Drupal or Opencart based e-commerce sites, the security software is available to clean malware and protect data. Astra protection services can also help you in keeping your data and funds safer. You can follow the news to know the latest patches and updates for these services and provide continuous protection to your online customers. 4. Make Malware Scan your Priority When you update and patches are in-place, your eCommerce store can be protected against many types of malware. However, hackers and cybercriminals always keep on seeking new ways to attack. If they ever found any vulnerability that has not been seen by anyone so far, they can use it to put malware through that. To prevent any of the popular malware attacks like zero-day exploits or formatting, you may need an anti-malware protection suit. With the help of the Astra eCommerce security package, you can get and implement it to continuously scan the code and elements that seem non-authentic. 5. Protect CVV or Card Verification Value You might be familiar with these three or four-digit security codes that are printed on the backside of your credit card. One noticeable aspect here is that PCI does not allow site owners to store CVV, card number and owner’s name. If any malware attack happens, then this may prevent your site from doing so. Security software provides complete protection of customer details. If you have gone through the article, then you might understand the importance of eCommerce site protection. It might be clear to you how and where the hackers may attack your site and answer to your question, how can I keep my eCommerce customers safe? For any eCommerce site, customer information is of utmost importance and they are responsible to avoid such threats. Make sure you follow all the perimeters for your store’s safety and protection. Inclusion of safety software, regular updates and patches are equally important as owning an eCommerce store.

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Last Updated : 24 Nov, 2022
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