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Different Roles of RCA Team

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  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2020
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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Team is basically a group of individuals who have all knowledge and information regarding process that is being examined. They are generally responsible for taking corrective decisions and actions regarding defects that will lead to growth of organization and increases software quality. They are also responsible for implementing corrective actions that will give permanent results.

They should follow steps that are needed to be followed for effective RCA.

Role of RCA Team :
There are different roles of the RCA team which is categorized as follows.

  1. Team Leader –
    Team leaders, as name suggests, are responsible for making decisions related to defects for better and effective results. They basically own defects or problems. Their main aim is to manage and control other team members as well as focus on content. They simply have to increase productivity and quality of software. They are also responsible to provide guidance, instruction, direction, and leadership to other members of team simply to achieving target. He/She oversees overall functionality of system.

  2. Team Facilitator –
    Team facilitators, as name suggests, are responsible to facilitate, help other members of team to work together in more efficient manner, plan how to achieve target, focus on process, etc. He/She basically supports and re-energies other members of team. They are also responsible to ensure proper implementation of all methods and technologies that are required and essential. Team facilitators are required for managing team and to guide other members. He also makes sure that all other team members understand their duties and task completion. Team facilitator is also known as principal analyst who is simply responsible for facilitating and coordinating RCA.

  3. Team Members –
    Team members, as name suggests, are person who involved in team to achieve a particular target or goal. All team members should fully understand their duties and task and should also be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Team members are also known as Analysis team member who is a member of RCA team. Each team member is allowed to share their ideas and experiences for better results. Their main responsibility is to help team leader and facilitator in achieving goals or targets. They also help customers to find desire goods and services.
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