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Tkinter provides a messagebox class which can be used to show variety of messages so that user can respond according to those messages. Messages like confirmation message, error message, warning message etc.

In order to use this class one must import this class as shown below:

# import all the functions and constants of this class.
from tkinter.messagebox import *

Syntax and uses of different functions of this class –

askokcancel(title=None, message=None, **options)# Ask if operation should proceed; 
# return true if the answer is ok.

askquestion(title=None, message=None, **options)# Ask a question.

askretrycancel(title=None, message=None, **options)# Ask if operation should be retried;
# return true if the answer is yes.

askyesno(title=None, message=None, **options)# Ask a question; return true
# if the answer is yes.

askyesnocancel(title=None, message=None, **options)# Ask a question; return true
# if the answer is yes, None if cancelled.

showerror(title=None, message=None, **options)# Show an error message.

showinfo(title=None, message=None, **options)# Show an info message.

showwarning(title=None, message=None, **options)# Show a warning message.

Program to demonstrate various messages:





# importing messagebox class
from tkinter.messagebox import *
# Showing various messaes
print(askokcancel("askokcancel", "Ok or Cancel"))
print(askquestion("askquestion", "Question?"))
print(askretrycancel("askretrycancel", "Retry or Cancel"))
print(askyesno("askyesno", "Yes or No"))
print(askyesnocancel("askyesnocancel", "Yes or No or Cancel"))
print(showerror("showerror", "Error"))
print(showinfo("showinfo", "Information"))
print(showwarning("showwarning", "Warning"))
# print statement is used so that we can
# print the returned value by the function



Note: Note that in above program we don not have to import Tkinter module only messagebox molude/class is sufficient because definitions of these functions is in messagebox class.

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