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Differences between WordPress and Weebly

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  • Last Updated : 15 Jun, 2021
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1. WordPress :
It is an online free open source framework developed with the aid of Matt Mullenweg which is written on PHP, and created particularly in PHP MySQL, JavaScript. It is used for developing a dynamic website with the assist of pre-installed plugins, and it is primarily based on CMS. WordPress is incredibly customizable and has lots of plugins so you can use your website. It is used by way of about seventy-five million websites and the plugin of WordPress is an exceedingly bendy and easy interface, which reduces improvement cost and deployment time.

2. Weebly :
Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder that offers different platforms to create applications & websites. It is used to create e-commerce applications for small businesses and has many elements for creating websites and functions such as blogging, multimedia features, hosting, and amazing designs. It doesn’t require any tech competencies to create a website, whether you’re constructing a portfolio or an online store. Everything comes constructed in, from safety elements to hosting.

Differences between WordPress and Weebly :

S. No.WordPressWeebly
1.It is freely available on market. It is paid and does not offer free services.
2.It is a platform.It is not a platform.
3.It has more features than Weebly.It has fewer features than WordPress.
4.For its functioning, It follows a particular architecture.For its functioning, It does not follow any particular architecture.
5.It works for large businesses & applications.It is not suited for large applications.
6.It requires more time in understanding its functioning.It is easy to learn and understand.
7.It offers better customization than Weebly.It lacks customization.


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