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Differences between Industrial Robots and Service Robots
  • Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2020

1. Industrial Robots :
Industrial robots are those robots which were created by programming the mechanical devices which in future can be used in the place of Human Being in order to perform dangerous tasks which may required repetition multiple times with a much higher accuracy and without any failure.

2. Service Robots :
Service Robots are those robots which work for you in a same manner like any human being. These robots assist human beings by performing a job which may be dirty, dangerous and it also includes household chores. “iRobot” is one of the few successful examples of a service robot company.

Difference between Industrial Robots and Service Robots :

S.No.Industrial RobotsService Robots
1.Industrial Robots are highly used in manufacturing Industries and Factories for carrying out dangerous tasks.Service Robots are majorly used in offices and homes for carrying out human tasks.
2.Accuracy is high in Industrial Robots.Accuracy is comparatively low in Service Robots.
3.They have lower growth rate as compared to Service robots.They have higher growth rate than industrial robots.
4.They are more popular among industrialists.They are more popular among common people.
5.Installation of these robots is straightforward and simple.Installation of these robots is not straightforward.
6.Designing of these robots is comparatively less complex.Designing of these robots is more complex.
7.They replace humans for working.They just assist humans for working.
8.Industrial robotics use hardware and software that are robotic specific.Service Robots use embedded electronics, network technologies, communication protocols and sensors.
9.There is automatic execution of explicit programs.They follow human social norms and mimic human abilities.
10.Japan is the leading manufacturer of Industrial Robots.US is the leading producer of Service Robots.

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