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Difference between ODBC and JDBC
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2018

ODBC Stands for Open Database Connectivity.JDBC Stands for java database connectivity.
Introduced by Microsoft in 1992.Introduced by SUN Micro Systems in 1997.
We can use ODBC for any language like C,C++,Java etc.We can use JDBC only for Java languages.
We can choose ODBC only windows platform.We can Use JDBC in any platform.
Mostly ODBC Driver developed in native languages like C,C++.JDBC Stands for java database connectivity.
For Java applications it is not recommended to use ODBC because performance will be down due to internal conversion and applications will become platform Dependent.For Java application it is highly recommended to use JDBC because there we no performance & platform dependent problem.
ODBC is procedural.JDBC is object oriented.

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