Difference between Zwave and ZigBee

1. Zwave :
Zwave is a protocol which is used for communication between devices for home automation. It allows low latency communication which is reliable of smaller data pack with data rate speed of 100kbit/second or 1GHZ. It uses for signalling and control and utilizes mesh topology that supports 232 nodes in a network with operating frequency of 908.42Mhz which differs in various country regions.It differs from the various country region. It uses GFSK Gaussian frequency-shift keying and there is control network controller devices set-up and manages Zwave network each logical Zwave has network home ID and multiple node IDS for the devices in it.

2. Zigbee :
Zigbee is a device which follows the IEEE802.15.4 standard protocol. In which data transfer in a wireless network which has low energy consumption it is designed for multi-channel control system from WPAN(Wireless Personal Area Network).the standard uses of the layer to define communication enhancement and this enhancement include authentication, valid nodes, encryption for security, data routing. There is PDU(Protocol Data Unit)=127B used for low power, short-range WPAN.

Difference between Zwave and ZigBee :

Zwave Zigbee
Zwave provides simple system user easily setup by itself. Zigbee required some power and device can last up to seven year on one set of battery.
Zwave communication idel for someone with basic understanding of technology. Zigbee communicaton idel for someone with solid understanding of technology.
Zwave is more expensive than Zigbee. Zigbee cheaper than Zwave.
Zwave is a protocol for communication between devices used for home automation. Zigbee is open standard wirless connection.
GFSK modulation technology used BPSK, OQPSK modulation technology used.
It transmit 50m distance. It transmit 100m distance.
It uses Sub1G band. It uses 2.4GHZ band.
There is no international standard. There is a international standard IEEE8.02.15.4.
Application of Zwave :
1. Building automation
2. Remote control
3. Smart energy for home energy monitoring
4. Health care for medical and fitness monitoring
5. Home automation
Application of Zigbee :
1. Simple remote control
2. Medical applications
3. Gaming
4. Home automation
5. Control and automation

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