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Difference between WordPad and NotePad

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As per the names, it looks like they both are the same, but somehow they vary differences in their feature and functions as they both are included in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

1. NotePad :
It is a basic text editor or editing program of the Microsoft Windows which enables the computer users to create documents into it.

2. WordPad :
It is also a basic editing type of program which helps in creating documents like letters, reports, notes, etc. with some additional formatting features into it. It came after replacing the Microsoft writer.

Difference between WordPad and NotePad :



It is a simple and easy tool for basic plain text entryIt is simple and easier than MS Word
It can be used for doing a couple of different waysIt is an easy tool for doing simple tasks
It is made for to create the documents onlyIt is made for formatting and printing the documents
It is a text editor programIt is a word processor program
It is just a  simple text editor that does not include any formatting options into it.It helps in creating the documents which include graphics and various text formatting options  into it
It is a text editor that is included with the windows operating systemIt is also a text editor which is included with the windows operating system.
It was launched by Microsoft in the year 1983It was launched by Microsoft along with Windows 95
Notepad is a text editorWordPad is a basic word processor.
Notepad can only save text as it is better for creating webpagesIt helps in saving the text with the basic formatting like font styles and sizes etc.
It  can only save documents as .txt files onlyIt can be saved as .txt and .rtf Rich Text Format files both
Images and other graphics options are not added to thisImages and other graphic options can be added to this.
The files like Rich text formats Wordpad are cannot be opened into itAny notepad file can be opened with this
It includes the options like files, edit, view, format, and helps options only into itIt includes more options which are easily available in it
It does not include any formatting options as no formatting of the text is done into it. It only focuses on creating the text files only.It includes the formatting options into it like italic, bold, font style and size, etc.
It  is a good choice for creating webpages or HTML documents and writing the basic computer programs alsoIt  is a good choice for writing papers or creating documents that you want to print
It is also helpful for removing formatting from the text which is copied and which you wanted to paste somewhere else as a plain textAs it supports the bullets into it which is helpful for making lists
Just paste the text into Notepad, copy it again from Notepad, and you have completely unformatted textYou can use WordPad to open an unformatted text document and add whatever formatting you want


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Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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