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Difference between Windows application and Web application

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  • Last Updated : 15 Jun, 2022

1. Windows application : 
It is an application that can run on the windows platform. Graphical user interface forms can be created using this. We can create web applications using IDE Microsoft Visual Studio. This can be done using a variety of programming languages such C#, C++, J#, Visual Basic and many more. 
Windows applications on a computer system – 

2. Web application : 
Web application is an application that runs on web browser making use of web server. It makes use of is Microsoft IIS configuration i.e., Internet Information Services (in developing web applications). A variety of web applications using .net can be made. These include many ranging from simple HTML pages to highly interactive business applications. 

Examples of Web applications – 

Difference between Windows application and web application : 

S. No.ParametersWindows applicationWeb application
1.InstallationIt is installed in the windows platform using Windows operating system.The web application is installed on a web server.
2.AccessibilityIt is accessible only from system in which it is installed.It can be accessed from anywhere around world using internet.
3.BuildWindows application is easy to build as compared to the Web application.The web application is difficult to build as compared to the Windows application.
4.ExecutionThis application can be directly executed using the operating system on the system.IIS aka Internet Information Services server is needed to run web applications.
5.Platform DependentIt can run only on the Windows platform. For example, VLC Media player running on Windows OS will not run on MacOS and Linux. For that different edition of VLC media player have to be installed.It can run on a variety of platforms including Mac, Linux, Solaris, Android, etc. For example, if you open on web browser then it will be opened irrespective of the operating system.
6.System DependencyIt is specific to bit. If it is designed for 32-bit OS, it will not work for the 64-bit operating system.The web application is independent of the type of system.
7.Validation controlsIn Windows-based applications data validation is carried out through code as these applications do not possess validation controls.Web-based applications possess validation controls.
8.InternetWindows-based applications may or may not be web dependent. For example, working on MS Word file does not require internet connection but saving a file of MS Word on MS cloud requires internet connectivity.Web applications are purely internet oriented.
9.SecurityWindows application have better authorization and administrators have more control, making them more secure.Web applications are inherently meant to promote accessibility, so they pose a bigger security risk
10.Upgradation of ApplicationIf the Windows application has been updated, each user will need to download the entire update package. Users do not need to update any files if the application is updated. The server would be in charge of all application updates. The previous versions of the application are not accessible because they are automatically upgraded to the most recent version.
11.MaintenanceMaintenance is carried out at the user level in Windows-based applications.Users are not responsible for updating Web-based applications.
12.CostWindows applications are reasonably priced. To acquire and use the application, users must make a one-time fee.The cost of maintaining a web application is ongoing. The majority of apps have monthly or yearly subscription rates.
13.DeploymentIn Windows-based applications a new licensed copy is required for the installation on every system.In Web applications, a web browser and an account is require by the user.
14.PerformanceWindows applications are faster in speed and also exhibits wide range of resource-heavy features.In web applications because of complex processes involved that results in slower speed.
15.ExamplesExamples: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Photoshop, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint.Examples: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox
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