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Difference between Website and Webpage

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  • Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2021
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Website: Website, as the name suggests, is a central location that includes multiple web pages that are maintained by a person or organization and is accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time using the internet. It is the best way to market a business online and increase the growth of the business.  

Webpage: Webpage, as the name suggests, is a document or a single page of the website displayed in a web browser and makeup the  WWW (World Wide Web) and is mainly used to sell products and services to users or visitors.  

Website vs Webpage  



Website is a collection of webpages displayed on the web with a client-like browser. It is part of website that includes information and content and is displayed on the browser to user or visitor.  
It contains more than one web webpages that contain information.It is a single document display on the browser.
It is a combination of webpages created using HTML and CSS.  Information is usually written in HTML language.  
It is a place used to display content.  It is content displayed on the website.  
It requires more time to develop the website as compared to webpages.  It requires less time to develop a webpage as compared to the website.  
It includes content about several entities.  It includes content or information about a single entity.  
It can be accessed using HTTP, DNS (Domain Name System) Protocols.  It can be accessed through web browser.  
There is no such extension included in the URL of the a website.  URL of webpage include extension.  
It is quite hard and complex to create the structure of the website and its programming.  It is quite easy and simple to develop webpage after website structure is being created.  
It includes webpages, related content, and hyperlinks. It might include text, graphics, hyperlinks, etc.  
They are used to establish credibility as business and also to increase the positive impression about the company or business that in turn increase user experience.  They are used to provide information with related pictures, videos to users.
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