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Difference between Website and Web Browser

  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2021

Website : Website, as the name suggests, is basically a set of interconnected webpages that contain text, images, video, etc., and share a unique domain name. Its primary goal is to increase sales, products, etc., that in turn increase the growth of business.  

Web Browser : Web Browser, as the name suggests, is basically a software application that can be installed on the computer, mobile, etc., and is used by user or visitor to have access or retrieve information or data such as web pages, image, video, etc. from the web server.  

Website vs Web Browser  


Web Browser 

It is collection of webpages where one can get the information they want and perform various things.  It is an application for accessing and viewing websites using internet.  
It includes content, information, images, videos, hyperlinks to visit different web pages, etc.  It includes navigation buttons, web browser’s address bar, integrated search, etc. 
Its component includes CMS, web hosting service, testimonial page, email campaigns, etc.Its component includes layout engine, user interface, JavaScript interpreter, data persistence component, etc.  
Its main function is to provide essential and helpful information to users or visitors and turn them into loyal customers.  Its main function is to get or retrieve information from WWW and then show it to users whenever they want.
It uses different web pages to display information.  It uses WWW to display websites.  
It provides good web navigation and make it easy for the user to have access to information that in turn increase user experience.  It loads website much faster and increase user satisfaction.  
It is more difficult to create and maintain website as compared to web browser.It is less difficult to create and maintain web browser as compared to website.  
Websites are mostly created using HTML and CSS.  Web browsers are mostly created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.  
Its type includes E-commerce Websites, Landing Websites, Magazine Websites, etc. Its type includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. 
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