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Difference between Website and Domain Name

  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2021

Website: A Website is a collection of webpages that is used to convey specific and helpful information to specific users. Websites are also used to increase business, reach more customers, generate more qualified leads, etc.  

Domain Name: A Domain name is basically an address where one can find the website by typing the web address in the browser URL bar to visit a website. When you enter the domain name of the website in the search box, a powerful engine searches the web’s largest pool of names and takes us to the website.  

Website vs Domain Name  



Website is basically a collection of web pages used to display information to users.  A Domain name is basically the name or address of the website that users type in URL to visit a website.  
Website is something where people visit to get information they want, purchase things if they want, explore more if they want.  A Domain name is something that tells users about their website’s actual URL location and helps them to reach a website.  
Website is more valuable and important than domain name because it will be displayed to users. Though the domain name is less valuable and does not have any face, it is required to have access to the website.  
It acts as a platform where users find what they want more easily and effectively.  It acts as an easy-to-remember way for uses to have access to the website.  
Websites need to follow some standard coding and structural guidelines to show up correctly in a web browser.  Domain names are formed by following some rules, restrictions, and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). 
One can get a well-organized and structured website whenever they want.  One can get creative and choose any domain that they want unless and until it’s not taken already by someone else.  
It helps to reach more audience and help to build credibility.  It adds professional credibility to business and separate website from millions of get-rich-quick-scheme websites.  
Their main aim is to turn visitors into prospects by providing quality content on the website that in turn enhances customer interaction. The domain name is used to represent the entire collection of internet resources computers, networks, services along with a text-based label that is easier to remember.


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