Difference between Website and Blog

1. Blog :
A blog is a type of website where content appears in reverse chronological order that means the newest content will appear before older one. Blogger launched in 1999 was the first real blogging platform.However with the launch of WordPress in 2002 the total game of blogging changed.

2. Website :
It is a collection of web pages and multimedia content that are tied up under one domain. Websites are hosted over web hosting services(AWS, wix.com etc.) which allow these pages and content to be accessed over the world wide web.

Blog Website
Blogs are more dynamic in nature as the content keep on updating. Websites tend to be static in nature.
A blog can be more of an informal type. A website is more formal and professional.
Content needs updation regularly. Content doesn’t change regularly.
A blog can be a website itself or a part of bigger site.
It is developed with WordPress, Magneto, etc. It is developed with the help of Html, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python etc.

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