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Difference between Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing

  • Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2020

1. Web Conferencing :
Web conferencing is a real-time online event. This is based on audio or video communication. web conferencing also share important content sharing like presentation slides. Through web conferencing we can Communicate face-to-face with individuals in different locations. In web conferencing number of viewers are unlimited. Web conferencing is also help in online courses.

2. Video Conferencing :
Video conferencing is a full-duplex and a real time audio / video communication session. between two or more remote participants in the video conferencing. In video conferencing people can take part in this conferencing with the help of video conferencing rules, they have to follow the rules of conferencing.

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Difference between web conferencing and video conferencing :

1.In web conferencing there are unlimited participation in this conferencing.In video conferencing there are limited participation in this conferencing, in server’s capacity.
2.In web conferencing people use presentation for online course, online training, distance learning.In video conferencing people use for business or personal trips. This is also use for any occasional and regular meetings, discussions.
3.Web conferencing is a Content sharing.Video conferencing is a Live communication.
4.n this conferencing Feedback options is only chat.n video conferencing there are Feedback options is audio and video.
5.For web conferencing area of application are Distance education, presentations, training.For video conferencing area of application are Occasional and regular meetings, discussion.
6.In this conferencing video quality of Speakers is Up to 460p (SD quality). Video is optional.In this conferencing video quality of Speakers Up to 4К Ultra H.D.
7.Web conferencing example are webcasts and webinars.Video conferencing example are video conferencing bridge, large T.V. display screen etc.
8.In web conferencing people are using in conference room are only from laptop or desktop computer.In video conferencing people are using with a dedicated endpoint.
9.In this internet connection is Mandatory.In this internet connection is optional.

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