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Difference between Weaviate and WakandaDB

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1. Weaviate :
Weaviate is an open-source GraphQL-based Smart Graph with the core features: semantic search, automatic classification, and knowledge representation. Primary database model is Search Engine and secondary database models is Graph DBMS. It allows our data to represent in a large graph format based on the GraphQL query language. Its search graph based on a graph embedding mechanism called the Contextionary.

2. WakandaDB :
WakandaDB is a server-side javascript engine to access data and embedded in a server that provides a REST API. WakandaDB has primary database model is Object oriented DBMS. WakandaDB is a JavaScript platform to develop and run web or mobile apps and NoSQL engine is accessed via HTTP.

Difference between Weaviate and WakandaDB :

1Developed by SeMI Technologies B.V. and initially released on 2017 and current release on January 2020.Developed by Wakanda SAS and initially released on 2012 and current release on July 2017.
2Its primary database model is Search Engine and its secondary database models is Graph DBMSIts primary database model is Object oriented DBMS. 
3No such server operating systems in Weaviate .Server operating systems of WakandaDB is Linux, OS X, Windows.
4Weaviate supports GraphQL query language and RESTful HTTP/JSON API.It supports RESTful HTTP API.
5Absence of transaction concepts in Weaviate.Its transaction concept is ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability).
6There is replication methods. There is absence of replication method.
7Partitioning methods of Weaviate is Sharding.It doesn’t holds sharding partitioning methods.
8No such supported programming languages in Weaviate.It supports JavaScript programming languages.
9It has Eventual Consistency concept.WakandaDB has Immediate Consistency.
10Implementation language of Weaviate is Go.Implementation language of WakandaDB is C++, JavaScript.

Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2020
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