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Difference between WCDMA and GSM

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  • Last Updated : 04 Jun, 2021

1. Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) :
It stands for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access. It essentially makes use of the identical technology as that of CDMA, however, comprises it into 3G. This works with GSM and EDGE to be used as UMTS and additionally resulted in greater net speed.

2. Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) :
It stands for Global System for Mobile Communication, a cell technology used for transmitting cellular voice and information services. It is the most famous wi-fi mobile communication technique, which is used for public communication. The GSM standard used to be developed for placing protocols for 2nd generation (2G) cell networks. It makes use of the digital air interface whereby the analog signals are transformed to digital signals earlier than transmission.

Difference between WCDMA and GSM :

1.It is a third-generation (3G)standard for cellular networks. It is a second-generation (2G)standard for cellular networks.
2.Nowadays, it is commonly used in all kinds of mobile phones.At present,  this technology is no longer used a lot in mobile as it is an older technology.
3.It offers a wide area as compared to GSM.It offers less area as compared to GSM.
4.It is having better efficiency than GSM.It is having poor efficiency as compared to WCDMA.
5.It can be work any area throughout the world.It can be work in European countries only.
6.It is having a fast speed in communication over the network as compared to GSM.It is having a slow speed in communication over the network as compared to WCDMA.
7.It can support GSM technology as well.It does not support WCDMA.
8.In this, the signal can be treated effortlessly.In this, the signal can’t be treated effortlessly.


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