Difference between Vertical search and Horizontal search

1. Vertical Searching :
Vertical searching refers to a topical searching as it searches in a specific part of internet rather than the whole internet. In this searching, a specific media type or content is searched and the search engine gives the result specific to that media type or content only.

Example –
In a search related to corona virus under google news section, only news articles will come. Similarly, a search about corona virus under google image will give only images and pictures related to that topic. So here the searching and it’s outcome is very specific. That is the reason why this searching is also called as “Specialty” or “Topical”.

2. Horizontal Searching :
Horizontal searching refers to a generic type of searching as it searches the whole internet covering the whole web of wide range of media topics and media subjects.

Example –
A search related to corona virus in google will give a mixed result of various contents which include news, videos, images at a single place and also results in a number of sites related to this which are not specific in media type or content, unlike that in vertical searching.

Difference between Vertical search and Horizontal search :

Serial No. Vertical searching Horizontal searching
1. Vertical searching refers to searching of a specific media type or content. Horizontal searching refers to a general type of searching which does not refer to specific media type or content
2. It is thought as a specialty or topical search. It is thought as a general search.
3. It searches specific media types/contents or some limited specific sites as per the topic. It searches the whole internet and results in images, videos and number of sites at a time as a mixed search result.
4. Serching different sections like image, news, videos on Google, Yahoo etc. are some examples of vertical searching. Google, Yahoo are some examples of horizontal searching.
5. In this searching, the volume is not so high as compared to horizontal searching. In this searching volume is very high as compared to vertical searching.
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