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Difference between Valentina Server and Weaviate

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1. Valentina Server :
It is a Object-relational database and reports server and fast object-relational database server. It includes integrated database servers, Valentina Database Server and SQLite Database Server. It is a full featured, standards compliant multi-user access SQLite based database server.

2. Weaviate :
It is an open-source GraphQL-based Smart Graph with the core features: semantic search, automatic classification, and knowledge representation. Primary database model is Search Engine and secondary database models is Graph DBMS. It allows our data to represent in a large graph format based on the GraphQL query language. Its search graph based on a graph embedding mechanism called the Contextionary.

Difference between Valentina Server and Weaviate :

S.NO.Valentina ServerWeaviate
1Developed by Paradigma Software and initially released on 1994.Developed by SeMI Technologies B.V. and initially released on 2017
2Current release of Valentina Server is 5.7.5 .Current release on January 2020.
3Server operating systems of Valentina Server is Linux, OS X, Windows.No such server operating systems in Weaviate .
4Its primary database model is Relational DBMS.Its primary database model is Search Engine and its secondary database models is Graph DBMS.
5Valentina Server supports .Net, C, C#, C++, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, programming languages.No such supported programming languages in Weaviate.
6APIs and other access methods of Valentina Server is ODBC.Weaviate supports GraphQL query language and RESTful HTTP/JSON API.
7Yes, Valentina Server has a Data Schema.Data Schema of Weaviate is based on maps to GraphQL interface .
8It doesn’t has Implementation language-C# .Implementation language of Weaviate is Go.
9Absence of Transaction concepts in  Valentina Server.Absence of transaction concepts in Weaviate.
10Valentina Server doesn’t hold Consistency concept.It has Eventual Consistency concept.
11Yes, It holds Foreign keys.It doesn’t holds Foreign keys.
12Absence of Replication methods in Valentina Server.Replication methods of Weaviate is Master-master replication anMaster-slave replication 
13Absence of Partitioning methods in Valentina Server.Partitioning methods of Weaviate is Sharding.

Last Updated : 26 Jun, 2020
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