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Difference between V-model and Waterfall model

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  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2022
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V-model is the most important model that is used in the process of software testing. It is also known as Verification and Validation Model. It is Introduced by the late Paul Rook in the 1980s. V-model is a sequential process in which the next phase begins only after the completion of the present phase. In this model, steps don’t move in a linear way while the steps are bent upwards. 

It is similar to the Waterfall model because we follow V-model from left to right as well as follow a sequential path of execution of processes like in the waterfall model. In the waterfall model steps are followed as requirements, design, implementation, verification, and finally maintenance. In the same way, the same steps are followed in V-model. So we can say that V-model is the alternative to the waterfall model. 

Difference between V-model and Waterfall model: 
Besides that V-model is the alternative to the waterfall model. There is some difference between these two models which are given below.

S. No.Waterfall modelV-model
1.The cost of Waterfall model is low.V-model is expensive.
2.Simplicity of Waterfall model is simple.Simplicity of V-model is Intermediate.
3.Flexibility of Waterfall model is Rigid.Flexibility of V-model is Little flexible.
4.There is no way to return to the earlier phase.There is no such constraint in V-model.
5.Waterfall model is a sequential execution process.It is also a sequential execution process.
6.Waterfall model’s steps move in a linear way.V-model’s steps don’t move in linear way.
7.Re-usability of Waterfall model is Limited.V-model can be Re-use for some extent.
8.User involvement in Waterfall model is only in beginning.User involvement in V-model is also only in beginning.
9.In Waterfall model testing activities start after the development activities are over.In V-model testing activities start with the first stage.
10.Guarantee of success through Waterfall model is low.Guarantee of success through V-model is high.
11.Waterfall model is a continuous process.V-model is a simultaneous process.
12.Software made using Waterfall model, the number of defects are less in comparison of software made using V-model.Software made using V-model, the number of defects are greater in comparison of software made using Waterfall model.
13.Requirement specification in Waterfall model is necessary in beginning.Requirement specification in V-model is also necessary in beginning.
14.Less customer involvement.More customer involvement as compared to waterfall model.
15.It is not possible to test a software during its development.There is possibility to test a software during its development.
16.Identification of defects is done in the testing phase.Identification of defects can be done from the beginning.
17.Debugging is done after the last phase.Debugging can be done in between phases.
18.It is less costly as compared to V-model.It involves more cost.
19.Waterfall model is less used now-a-days in software engineering.V-model is widely used in software engineering.
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