Difference between UNIX and Windows Operating System

1. UNIX :
UNIX is a powerful, multi-user and multitasking operating system originally developed at AT & T Bell Laboratories. This operating system is very popular among the scientific, engineering and academic due to its most appreciating features like flexibility, portability, network capabilities etc.

2. Windows :
Microsoft window is a most demanding Graphical user Interface (GUI) based operating system that replaces all the command line based functions to the user friendly screens. Microsoft introduced a series of versions with the latest functions.

Difference between UNIX and Windows Operating System :

Sr. No. Basis UNIX Windows
1. Open Source Code It is an open source code. It is not an open source code.
2. Stability It is more stable. As, multiple programs are running. So it is unstable.
3. Case-sensitivity It is case sensitive. It is not a case sensitive.
4. File-extension In this, extensions have not affect on the type of file. In this, certain file extensions are used to identify the type of file.
5. Device drive In this, several ways are used to manage the device drivers. After the installation of Windows, the various device-drivers packages provide interactive GUI for the configuration of devices.
6. Recovery We cannot recover our data. In this, we can recover our data from the recycle-bin, because in this after the deletion of data it will store in the recycle-bin.
7. Processing Power It has greater processing power. It has less processing power.
8. Security It has greater in-built security. It has less in-built security.
9. Virus Attacks It has interface between user and kernel known as shell, so it does not face any virus attack. In this, we don’t have shell interface. User direct interact with hardware and it enhances the attack of virus.
10. File-system In this, file system is represented as a hierarchical tree under the same root. There is no drive system like drive C, drive D etc. In this, file system can have many hierarchies; for example, different file system for each partitions and these partitions are represented as drive alphabet letters like as C: D: etc.

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