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Difference between UniData,UniVerse and Weaviate

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1. UniData, UniVerse:
UniData, UniVerse is a multiValue database and application server with SQL mapping layer and meta database capabilities. UniData makes for easier database design, eliminating the constraints of SQL normalization. UniVerse is a component of the MultiValue application platform. Its advantage is that it is fast, has a flexible data server for developing enterprise apps. UniVerse-based applications maximize processing throughput of available resources, dynamically allocate available resources.

2. Weaviate :
Weaviate is an open-source GraphQL-based Smart Graph with the core features: semantic search, automatic classification, and knowledge representation. The primary database model is the Search Engine and the secondary database model is Graph DBMS. It allows our data to represent in a large graph format based on the GraphQL query language. It is a search graph based on a graph embedding mechanism called the Contextionary.

Difference between UniData, UniVerse and Weaviate :

S.No. UniData, UniVerse Weaviate
1. It was developed by Rocket Software and initially released in 1985. It was developed by SeMI Technologies B.V. and initially released in 2017.
2. Server operating systems of UniData, UniVerse are AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and Windows. No such server operating systems in Weaviate.
3 It’s primary database model is Multivalue DBMS. It’s primary database model is Search Engine.
4. There is an absence of secondary database model in UniData, UniVerse. Secondary database model of Weaviate is Graph DBMS.
5. UniData, UniVerse supports .Net, Basic, C and Java programming languages. No such supported programming language in Weaviate.
6. APIs and other access methods of UniData, UniVerse are ODBC, OLE DB, Proprietary protocol, Java API, JDBC, RESTful HTTP API and SOAP-based API. Weaviate supports GraphQL query language and RESTful HTTP/JSON API.
7. UniData, UniVerse has a schema-free Data Schema. Data Schema of Weaviate is based on maps to GraphQL interface.
8. Implementation language of UniData, UniVerse is C. Implementation language of Weaviate is Go.
9. There are ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) transaction concepts in UniData, UniVerse. There is an absence of transaction concepts in Weaviate.
10. Replication method of UniData, UniVerse is Master-Slave Replication. Replication methods of Weaviate are Master-Master Replication and Master-Slave Replication.
11. UniData, UniVerse does not hold Consistency concept. Weaviate holds Eventual Consistency concept.
12. There is an absence of partitioning method in UniData, UniVerse. Partitioning method of Weaviate is Sharding.

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Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2020
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