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Difference between Twisted Pair Cable and Optical Fiber Cable

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2020

Prerequisite – Types of Transmission Media
1. Twisted Pair Cable :
Twisted Pair Cable is a type of wiring in which two conductors are twisted together to form a circuit for transmission purpose. It is formed by combining two separate insulated copper wires. Metallic conducting wire present in twisted pair cable is used in transfer of data in the form of electric signals. Twisted pair cable is the cheapest cable available among all the cables used in Local Area Network. Twisted pair cable are commonly used in data networks and wire shielding.

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2. Optical Fiber Cable :
Optical Fiber Cable is a category of guided media that is used for long distance transmission and high-performance data networking. Optical fiber cable constitutes of very thin glass fibers clustered in a single cable. In optical fiber cable, glass fiber helps in transmitting the signals in the form of pulses of light. Optical fiber cables are mostly used in long distance networks and huge volume data centers.

The difference between Twisted Pair Cable and Optical Fiber Cable are as follows:

S.No.Twisted Pair CableOptical Fiber Cable
1In twisted pair cable, transmission of signals takes place through metallic conducting wire.In optical fiber cable, transmission of signals happens via glass fiber.
2.Twisted pair cable has large diameter in comparison to optical fiber cable.Optical fiber cable has small diameter as it is thin and flexible.
3.In twisted pair cables, attenuation is very large.While in optical fiber cables, attenuation is very small.
4.Twisted pair cable is easy and simple to install and implement.The installation and implementation of optical fiber cables is extremely tough.
5.Twisted pair cables are used for wire shielding and data networks.Optical fiber cable is generally suited for long distance networks among cities and countries.
6.Twisted pair cable is comparatively inexpensive.While optical fiber cable is expensive as it has great performance and capacity.

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