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Difference between Traditional data and Big data

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2022
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1. Traditional data: Traditional data is the structured data that is being majorly maintained by all types of businesses starting from very small to big organizations. In a traditional database system, a centralized database architecture used to store and maintain the data in a fixed format or fields in a file. For managing and accessing the data Structured Query Language (SQL) is used.

2. Big data: We can consider big data an upper version of traditional data. Big data deal with too large or complex data sets which is difficult to manage in traditional data-processing application software. It deals with large volume of both structured, semi structured and unstructured data. Volume, Velocity and Variety, Veracity and Value refer to the 5’V characteristics of big data. Big data not only refers to large amount of data it refers to extracting meaningful data by analyzing the huge amount of complex data sets. semi-structured

The difference between Traditional data and Big data are as follows: 

Traditional Data Big Data 
Traditional data is generated in enterprise level.Big data is generated outside the enterprise level.
Its volume ranges from Gigabytes to Terabytes.Its volume ranges from Petabytes to Zettabytes or Exabytes.
Traditional database system deals with structured data.Big data system deals with structured, semi-structured,database, and unstructured data.
Traditional data is generated per hour or per day or more.But big data is generated more frequently mainly per seconds.
Traditional data source is centralized and it is managed in centralized form.Big data source is distributed and it is managed in distributed form.
Data integration is very easy.Data integration is very difficult.
Normal system configuration is capable to process traditional data.High system configuration is required to process big data.
The size of the data is very small.The size is more than the traditional data size.
Traditional data base tools are required to perform any data base operation.Special kind of data base tools are required to perform any databaseschema-based operation.
Normal functions can manipulate data.Special kind of functions can manipulate data.
Its data model is strict schema based and it is static.Its data model is a flat schema based and it is dynamic.
Traditional data is stable and inter relationship.Big data is not stable and unknown relationship.
Traditional data is in manageable volume.Big data is in huge volume which becomes unmanageable.
It is easy to manage and manipulate the data.It is difficult to manage and manipulate the data.
Its data sources includes ERP transaction data, CRM transaction data, financial data, organizational data, web transaction data etc.Its data sources includes social media, device data, sensor data, video, images, audio etc.
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