Difference between Token ring and Ethernet

1. Token Ring :
In the token ring a token ring passes over a physical ring. Token ring is defined by IEEE 802.5 standard. In token ring, there is a station and a special frame called token. A station in token ring can transmit data frame if it contains a token. After the successful transmission of data frame token are pointed(issued). Token ring is a Star shaped topology and handles priority in which some nodes may give priority to the token.

2. Ethernet :
IEEE 802.3 defines the Ethernet. It uses CSMA/CD mechanism. It means that if many stations exist at the same time to talk, all stations will be closed. To resume them, wait for a random time. Unlike token ring it doesn’t employ any priorities. And it is less costly than token ring network.

Let’s see the difference between the token ring and Ethernet:-

1. In the token ring, the token passing mechanism is used. While Ethernet uses CSMA/CD(Carrier-sense multiple access/collision detection) mechanism.
2. Token ring is defined by IEEE 802.5 standard. Whereas Ethernet is defined by IEEE 802.3 standard.
3. Token ring is deterministic. While it is non-deterministic.
4. Token ring is a Star shaped topology. While Ethernet is a Bus shaped topology.
5. The token ring handles priority in which some nodes may give priority to the token. While Ethernet does not employ priority.
6. Token ring costs more than Ethernet. While Ethernet cost seventy percent less than token ring.
7. In the token ring telephone wire is used. While in Ethernet coaxial cable(wire) is used.
8. The token ring contains routing information. While Ethernet does not contain routing information.

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