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Difference between Time Tracking Software and Employee Monitoring Software

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  • Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2020

1. Time Tracking Software :
Time tracking software, as name suggests, is a software tool that is generally used to track all time that is being spent on tasks to complete project.

2. Employee Monitoring Software :
Employee tracking software, as name suggests, is a software tool that is generally used to track details of all employees that are present within organization.

Difference between Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring Software :

Time Tracking SoftwareEmployee Monitoring Software
This software usually track and analyze time.This software usually monitor i.e. check and record employees regularly for long period of time.
Its main focus is to track time spent on projects that are based on task duration that helps one to see how much time was spend on different tasks and processes within particular project.Its main focus is to check what exactly employees are doing.
It is less complex than Employee monitoring software.It is more complex than time tracking software.
It only detects time employee is spending upon particular task.It detects every small detail about employee, about its working, websites they are using, whether they are good or not, etc.
It is also used to track cost, attendance, issues related to human resources, etc.It is also used to prevent employee from performing any illegal activity, identify threats that might occurs and cause damage or trouble, etc.
It cannot be used to track employee activities.It can be used to track time.
It does not focuses on security and safety.This software also focuses on security and safety.
It does not focus on control and productivity.It also focuses on productivity control and optimize all resources present such as labor and machines.
It is a quite clear system.It is a vague system and confusing one i.e. not clear and indefinite.

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