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Difference between Time and Attendance vs Time Billing Software

  • Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2020

1. Time and Attendance Software :
Time and Attendance software allows one to keep track of all employees that are coming and going out as well as their break time, time related needs, etc.

2. Time Billing Software :
Time Billing Software allows one to track time being spent on projects so that bill can be created according to this. It simple manage billable hours of companies.

Difference between Time and Attendance vs Time Billing Software :

Time Billing SoftwareTime and Attendance Software
This software generally supports professional service firms that include financial advisers, engineers, etc.This software generally manages employee attendance.
It provides features like managing billable hours, client billing, etc.It provides features like payment management, tracking holidays and working days of each employee, allows reporting, etc.
Types of such software can be Scoro, Replicon TimeBill, Avaza, etc.Types of such software can be TSheets, iSolve Time, Kronos, etc.
Such software’s are used by professional services firms such as architects, engineers, accountants, etc.Such software’s are used by small, medium and large companies, HR Department, etc.
It is more costly than Time and Attendance Software.It is less costly than time billing software.
It is quite difficult and hard to operate.It is quite simple and easy to operate.
This software does not employees to track their working hours.This software allows employees to track how much hours they actually worked on particular project or task. It will simple help them to check whether or not amount they have being paid by managers is accurate or less than they deserve.
It helps companies to track time spend on project and bill that is based on this data.It helps companies to track employees whether they are present in office or is on a break, etc.
It prevents companies from spending extra time spend on manual data entry, non billable hours, etc.It prevents companies from paying for time that employees didn’t work.

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