Difference between Thin clients and Thick Clients

1. Thin clients :
A thin client is a computer system that runs on a server based computing environment. They work by connecting to a remote server based environment, where most applications and data is stored. The server performs most of the tasks like computations and calculations. They are more secure than thick client systems when it comes to security threats. In Thin clients the system management is much easier as there are centralized servers. With the help of centralization, there is optimization of hardware and maintenance of software is also comparatively easier.

2. Thick clients :
A thick client is a system which can be connected to the server even without the network. Thick clients are also referred as heavy or fat clients. Thick clients are not dependent on server’s applications. They have their own operating system and software applications. They have high flexibility and high server capacity. Thick clients have more security threats and are less secure than thin clients.

Difference between Thin clients and Thick clients:

S.NO. Factors Thin clients: Thick clients:
1. Installation Thin clients have browser based installation. Thick clients are installed locally.
2. Type of devices Thin clients are used by handheld devices. Customization systems use thick clients.
3. Processing Type In thin clients there is complete processing on server side. Thick clients make use of computer resources more than server.
4. Deployability Thin clients are easily deployable as compared to thick clients. Thick clients are more expensive to deploy.
5. Data validation The data verification is required from the server side. The data verification is done by client side.
6. Communication In thin clients continuous communication is required from server side. In thick clients communication is done at particular intervals with the server.
7. Interfacing It cannot be interfaced with other equipment. It is robust as compared to thin client and it can be interfaced with other equipment.
8. Security It has less security threats. It has more security threats as compared to thin clients.

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