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Difference between the keylogger and the Remote AccessTrojans

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  • Last Updated : 05 Mar, 2021
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1. Remote Access Trojans :
This Remote Access Trojan popularity increased in the year of 2000s. In this period people didn’t have sufficient knowledge of how this virus spreads on the internet and what is antivirus? There were some types of Remote Access Trojan that fall as a suspect. The dangerous part was it can be used without any knowledge. For example- sub seven provided an interface that was easy for the attacker to steal the passwords and more.

2. KeyLogger :
It is software designed to record the keystrokes done by the user. This is one of the most basic software which may seem harmless, but in the hands of the hacker, it is one of the dangerous software. It is one of the oldest cyber threats. They use this to steal information from the victim and the information that they collect may be confidential or personal information, or it can be banking-related information and more.

Difference between Remote Access Trojans and KeyLogger :


Remote Access Trojans

It is used to record the keystrokes entered by the user.It enables the attacker to gain control over the device or gaining remote access.
It can make itself undetected, and it is possible in the case of a hardware keylogger.It can make itself undetected, and they remain in the device for a longer period of time.
Software keylogger provides the advantage of taking snapshots and recording videos.It can also be used to activate the webcam, and we can record video.
It does not do any damage to the system.It does damage the system.
User will not experience any slow internet experience.User may experience the internet being slow.
With a keylogger one can’t gain total control of the infected system.It gives the hacker total control of the infected system.


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