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Difference between Test Scenario and Test Condition in Software Engineering

  • Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2020

1. Test Scenario :
Test Scenario refers to all possible ways of testing an software application. Each probable way or method tests any part of the application like all possible functionalities, attributes, features and aspect of the software.

Some examples of Test Scenario are –

  • Check if Admin is able to add the phone number of the customer or not.
  • Validate if any exiting phone number can be updated or not.
  • Check whether the the updated phone number is showing for the customer or not.

2. Test Condition :
Test Condition refers to the specification to which the tester follows to perform the testing operation of the software. There can be multiple test conditions to test any software scenario.

Some examples of Test Condition are –

  • Enter a valid phone number and check for the addition of the number.
  • Update an invalid number and check whether its updating or not.

Difference between Test Scenario and Test Condition :

Serial NumberTest ScenarioTest Condition
01.Test Scenario is the possible ways to test a software application.Test Condition is the rules to be followed to test a software application.
02.One Test Scenario may contain multiple test conditions.One Test Condition may carried out by one or more than one test cases.
03.Test Scenario covers a wide range of possibilities.Test Condition is very specific to test any test scenario.
04.Good Test Scenario helps in reducing the complexity.Good Test Condition helps in making application bug free.
05.It acts as input for test case creation.It provides a main goal of testing application.
06.Test Scenario is a single or number of test cases.Where as Test Condition is the goal of test cases.
07.It focuses on what needs to be tested of the software product.It focuses on how to test a specific function of the software product.
08.By identifying test scenarios it will be easy to understand the functionality of the product.By performing various test condition it will be easy to know whether it is working well or not.
09.Usually a Test Scenario covers functionality, attributes, other features and aspects of software product.Usually a Test Condition covers set of inputs, expected outputs, exact outputs etc to test a particular functionality.
10.It requires comparatively less amount of time to identify a test scenario.But it requires comparatively more amount of time to test any test test scenario.
11.Test Scenario may be of one line statement to explain what we are going to test.Test condition may be one or more test cases to test how we are going to test.
12.For example Log in into home page of any site may be a test scenario.For example to test the log in test scenario test conditions can be valid user id and valid password, valid user id and invalid password, invalid user id and password etc. 

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