Difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy

Test Plan :
A test plan is a witty gritty archive that depicts the test technique, destinations, timetable, estimation and expectations and assets required for testing. It encourages us decide the exertion expected to approve the nature of the application under test. The test plan fills in as a diagram to direct software testing exercises as a characterized procedure which is minutely observed and constrained by the test manager. Test plan incorporate Test plan id, highlights to be tried, test systems, testing assignments, highlights pass or bomb criteria, test expectations, duties, and timetable, and so on.

Test Strategy :
The test strategy is a set of instructions or protocols which explain the test design and determine how the test should be performed. Test strategy is an arrangement for characterizing the testing approach, and it answers to questions like what you need to complete and how you will achieve it. It is a most significant record for any QA group in software testing, and viably composing this report is an ability that each analyzer creates with understanding. Test strategy incorporates targets and extension, documentation designs, test forms, group revealing structure, customer correspondence system, and so forth.

Let’s see the difference Between Test Plan and Test Strategy:

S.NO Test Plan Test Strategy
1. Test plan can be defined as a document for a software project which defines the approach, scope, and intensity on the effort of software testing. The test strategy is a set of instructions or protocols which explain the test design and determine how the test should be performed.
2. A test plan can be changed. While test strategy can’t be changed.
3. Test plan happens independently. While test strategy is often found as a part of a test plan.
4. Test plan describes about the details. While test strategy describes about the general methodologies.
5. A test plan is done by the test administrator or test manager. While It is done by the task manager.
6. A test plan is utilized at the project level. While test strategy is utilized at the association level.
7. A test plan has the essential objective of how to test, when to test and who will confirm it. While test strategy has the essential objectives of what approach to pursue and which module to check.

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