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Difference between TELNET and FTP
  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019

TELNET (TELecommunication NETwork) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) both are the application layer protocol. They are connection oriented protocols as they create a connection between remote host and a server. AS name File Transfer Protocol, FTP is used for transferring the files from one system to another system. and TELNET is used for remote login for a system.

There are some differences between TELNET and FTP which are given below:

1.TELNET stands for TELecommunication NETwork.FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.
2.TELNET is also used for chat operation.FTP is used for downloading the files.
3.The Port number in which TELNET is work is 23.The Port number in which FTP is work is 20 and 21.
4.TELNET uses only one connection.FTP establish two connections, one is for control command and another is for data transfer.
5.Remote Login is necessary in TELNET.Remote Login does not necessary in FTP.
6.It does not provide high security, it provides only general security.It provides high security than TELNET.
7.It is used for remote login for a system.It is used for transferring the files from one system to another system.
8.It is a connection oriented protocol.It is also a connection oriented protocol.

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