Difference between Tableau and Domo

1. Tableau :
It is an effective and quickest developing data visualization tool used in Business Intelligence Industry. It helps in simplifying raw information into a very effortlessly comprehensible format. Data evaluation is very speedy with Tableau and visualizations created are in structure of dashboards and worksheets. Information that is created usage of Tableau can be understood by means of an expert at any stage in an organization. It even permits a non-technical person to create a personalized dashboard.

The outstanding aspect of Tableau software program is that it does not require any technical or any sort of programming competencies to operate. The device has garnered activity amongst humans from all sectors such as business, researchers, one of a kind industries, etc.

2. Domo :
It is a Business Cloud. and a mobile, cloud-based, social, community-driven commercial enterprise intelligence platform with strength to radically change way you manipulate your business. Domo can assist you to view information in one place, democratize throughout your organization, socialize essential goals, and create accountability.

Difference between Tableau and Domo :

S.No. Tableau Domo
1. Its products are divided into 3 categories: Tableau Desktop Edition, Tableau Server edition, Tableau online edition: a hosted version of Tableau server edition. Its products are divided into three tiers which are cloud-based: Domo Starter Edition, Domo professional Edition, Domo Enterprise Edition: with all controls
2. It is very costly for small businesses. It faces many difficulties while extracting data.
3. It is deployed within data center of company or On-premises. It can be deployed in various ways such as Cloud-based deployment, mobile, and also it can be deployed on-premises.
4. It is very easy to use and learn as compared to Domo. It is complicated and difficult to use as compared to Tableau.
5. It offers various implementation services. It offers an implementation that is based on requirement of customers and other resources.
6. It also offers a steady Start for small organizations. It offers various training choices for Online-videos, web-based, and instructor training.
7. It first came in 2003. It came in year 2010.
8. It has more than 57000 customers around world. It has over 1000 customers.

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