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Difference between System Testing and End-to-end Testing

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  • Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2019
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System Testing:
System Testing is carried out on the whole system in the context of either system requirement specifications or functional requirement specifications or in contest of both. System testing tests the design and behavior of the system and also the expectations of the customer.

End-to-end Testing:
End-to-end testing is a type of software testing used to test whether the flow of a software from initial stage to final stage is behaving as expected. The purpose of end-to-end testing is to identify system dependencies and to make sure that the data integrity is maintained between various system components and systems.

Difference between System Testing and End-to-end Testing:

System TestingEnd-to-end Testing
In system testing, whole software or application is tested at a time.In end-to-end testing, behavioral flow of the software is tested.
System testing only tests the specific software system.It tests the software system and the connected systems both.
The functionality of the software is tested.Flow from end-to-end is tested.
It validates the software system as per standards and specifications.It validated all the interfaces of the software.
Knowledge of interconnected systems is not required.Knowledge about interconnected systems is required.
It is carried out once integration testing is performed.It is performed after the system testing.
It is performed both manually and automated.It is generally performed manually.
It is the super set of end-to-end testing.It is considered as subset of the system testing.

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