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Difference between Super Computers and Embedded Computers

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  • Last Updated : 27 Dec, 2022
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1. Super Computers :
Super Computers, as name suggests, are specialized computer system that is built to perform difficult calculations much quickly and therefore considered most important tool for researches. It is better technological tool for complex large-scale computing tasks with high level of performance.

Examples : Tianhe-1, Kraken, Jugene, etc.

2. Embedded Computers :
Embedded Computers, as name suggests, are specialized computer system that is implemented as a part of larger device, intelligent system or installation. It is only meant for one purpose because these are purpose-build computing platforms and are designed for specific task. Its type includes small scale, medium scale, and sophisticated embedded systems.

Examples : Digital cameras, elevators, vending machines, etc.

Difference between Super Computers and Embedded Computers :

Super Computers

Embedded Computer  

These are computers that are not incorporated into other devices and rather standalone with high level of performance. These are computers that are incorporated into other devices rather than being standalone computers.  
These computers are specially designed to solve complex scientific and industrial problems and challenges. These computers are designed to perform specific and software-controlled tasks.  
Its main aim is to use maximum computing power to solve single large problem in shortest amount of time.  Its main purpose is to control device and allow user to interact with it.  
It allows us to understand things that are very difficult to see or measure in real life.  It enables designs and optimizations that make it possible for us to enjoy advantages of technology.  
These computers are used for scientific and engineering applications that must handle and control large databases and should able to do great amount of computation.  These computers are used to reduce size and cost of product as well as increase reliability and performance.  
It is larger in size and very expensive as compared to embedded computers. It is small in size and cost effective as compared to super computers.  
These computers are primarily useful for mathematical-intensive scientific applications.  These computers are primarily useful for safety-critical and other important systems that people use every day such as cares, medical equipment , etc.  
It can be used for many things.  It can be used for only one purpose.  




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