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Difference between Static and Dynamic Testing

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Static Testing:
Static Testing is a type of a Software Testing method which is performed to check the defects in software without actually executing the code of the software application.

Static testing is performed in early stage of development to avoid errors as it is easier to find sources of failures and it can be fixed easily. The errors that can’t not be found using Dynamic Testing, can be easily found by Static Testing.

Dynamic Testing:
Dynamic Testing is a type of Software Testing which is performed to analyze the dynamic behavior of the code. It includes the testing of the software for the input values and output values that are analyzed.

Difference between Static Testing and Dynamic Testing:

Static TestingDynamic Testing
It is performed in the early stage of the software development.It is performed at the later stage of the software development.
In static testing whole code is not executed.In dynamic testing whole code is executed.
Static testing prevents the defects.Dynamic testing finds and fixes the defects.
Static testing is performed before code deployment.Dynamic testing is performed after code deployment.
Static testing is less costly.Dynamic testing is highly costly.
Static Testing involves checklist for testing process.Dynamic Testing involves test cases for testing process.
It includes walkthroughs, code review, inspection etc.It involves functional and nonfunctional testing.
It generally takes shorter time.It usually takes longer time as it involves running several test cases.
It can discover variety of bugs.It expose the bugs that are explorable through execution hence discover only limited type of bugs.
Static Testing may complete 100% statement coverage in comparably less time.While dynamic testing only achieves less than 50% statement coverage.


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Last Updated : 27 Feb, 2020
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